Peace Within a Storm

(editor’s note: once again, this is Sean’s mom. He found some connectivity and posted here a week or so ago, but didn’t have any further luck. He hastily scribbled his latest post before they headed out into the field, mailed it, and asked me to post it. He has called a couple of times; you can find the details on Mighty Marine Mom.)

PFC Sean Bray, USMC
In his platoon on Family Day

September 3, 2011

I write this in my rack (later transposed to CPU) unable to think of anything but this: My God is so good. I can’t describe why I feel so covered by this feeling nor can I offer any reasonable or logical explanation as to why I feel this way now and here during Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton, CA. This place is hard and often very, very dark. God and His son are so often so distant as to be nearly forgotten by all save those of us who rely on Him to get us through. Yet, for some reason that eludes me, I feel particularly sensitive to His will in my life, and I love it despite how much I do not understand it. Perhaps it comes from the physical beauty of this place, particularly on cool early mornings when the waking light of dawn begins to peek over the mist-blanketed mountains that surround SOI. Perhaps it is the love of my friends and family, so freely given and such a blessing, or perhaps it is the pride of Mom and Dad in me and what I am doing, which is a testimony in and of itself.

Whatever the reason I bask in this place of spiritual serenity. It is peace in the midst of a storm. God is here at SOI and I do not mean me specifically. He is here in the numerous blessings that are found in the midst of stress and physical strain, in the scenery, the food we eat, the safety provided by our instructors, the liberty we are given, and even in that strain that so often pushes me to and beyond what I am able to bear.

I want this to be an encouragement to all who read this. If God can be found at Marine Corps Recruit Training and Marine Combat Training, two very dark places, then He can be found in any trial you may find yourself in. He is there, you simply need to look for Him in everything. And once He is seen you will never feel alone again.

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One Response to Peace Within a Storm

  1. This post is very encouraging in many ways… You truly Love others and I’m proud to call you my brother in Christ!!!

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