Bout time I get back into this…Almost six months later

So where to begin? So admittedly I dropped the ball on keeping up with this while I was at MOS school in Pensacola, Fl. I actually had to look back to see what the last thing I had posted was, and imagine my shock to find that my last post was back in October of 2011 when I had yet to even arrive at Pensacola for my MOS school. I don’t even know if there is anyone who keeps up with this thing anymore but I’ll endeavor to keep it more up to date from now on.

So much has happened in the time since my last post. I went to, worked hard in, and eventually completed my MOS school in Pensacola, leaving with a GPA of 95.07 (2nd in my class of 7), several letters of appreciation, and a meritorious mast for my overall performance in the course, to say nothing of the volunteer hours and extra MCMAP training I did in addition to my course work. I even had a girlfriend for a short time while at MOS school. I wish her the best.

Now? I am now in Okinawa, Japan at Camp Hansen with 3rd Intelligence Battalion. I’m still in the check in process but hopefully I’ll begin my job tomorrow. I’ve gotten involved in an amazing young adults christian group as well as an awesome church called Koza Baptist. I’m making friends and trying to adapt to this new way of life as best I can. It is challenging but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

That is the military side of my life. What about my life apart from the Marine Corps. Well it is hard for me to separate the two but I try to have a life outside of the military machine that is my life Monday through Friday. Basically what it boils down to is the church activities that I am involved in out here.

I simply want to give a quick run down of how things are going because if I were to go into every last detail of how things have been going since my last post this one would be WAY too long to read. The short of it is that I am enjoying Japan and God is challenging me daily.


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